Sweet Mixology Process

Sweet Mixology Process

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I enjoy non-alcoholic cocktails and set out to create a party kit for anyone who wanted an adult-like drink without the alcohol.

I love chocolate and enjoy surrounding myself with it. On any given day you can find some form of chocolate in my house or in my draw at work. It’s the smooth taste, the rich aroma and the melt-in-your-mouth feeling that soothes and ushers in a sense of calm and relaxation.

When developing the concept for the mocktail party kit, I thought, hmmm… the chocolate martini will be perfect. Nothing says festive celebration and special occasion like chocolate. It will be an ideal non-alcoholic cocktail for my party kit and a drink the chocolate-loving crowd will love.

Although the party kit was created for alcohol-free chocolate martinis, alcohol can be added for those who want to get their buzz on.

Sheets of select pine wood and hinges for the Sweet Mixology chocolate martini case

Sketches of the case were drawn and a list of items needed to build the case was prepared. Select Pine board was purchased from a local hardware store. Hinges, catches, and handles for the box were ordered.

Hand drawing of the Sweet Mixology chocolate martini case

The woodshop technician constructed the case based on my design and measurements. I assisted with minor techniques, such as sanding and cutting, after completing full safety training of the machinery and tools.

The case was assembled and now I needed paint for the interior and exterior.

I took color printouts of the kit cover design to a paint shop to create the perfect paint color. The color was matched and paint was added to the inside and outside of the case.

Sweet Mixology Chocolate Martini Case being painted
Sweet Mixology Chocolate Martini Case and serving tray

The hardware and artwork for the front cover design were attached to the kit. Glasses, mixer, rimmer and everything needed to create a chocolate martini were place inside the box.

The perfect cocktail starter kit for any celebration was now complete.

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Sweet Mixology Chocolate Martini Case